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Hello my name is Taylor and I am here to say "WELCOME~!"

This the place where I will post my random thoughts up once and a blue moon. I am trying to get better at writing and all of that. This will be a great place to practice. If I ever think to do it that is. xD
The big music shows are coming up and it has got me giddy. Best artist was a few days ago and MAMA was yesterday. I didn't watch much of both. Just a performance or two. For Best Artist, Arashi were great as usual, but Kanjani8 stole the show. Their energy was through the roof. It must have been from their Kouhaku announcement a few days ago. (Big HUGE CONGRATS to them.) I can't wait to see what both groups are going to bring. Other than those two, I watched Perfume's performance. It was nice, but it all felt like it went by in a blink of an eye. haha. It was nice to see them after their world tour. (*cough which needs more dates cough*) At least PTA is going international. Baby steps~ I probably should have branched out a bit more. I probably will later. :P

To be totally honest, I didn't watch much of MAMA. I saw a bit of the red carpet and watched performances after the show was over. For perfomances, I watched Ga In, SISTAR, Trouble Maker and that was it. Ga In was awesome. I loved the stage and I totally dig that she is sticking with this 'mature sexy' image for Bloom. I just love it. Its not over the top. She keeps it classy and sophicated. Someone hasn't really done something like this in kpop in a long while and I think Ga In was the right person for it. I love it, but there are still some people who are iffy about it. Sex is a....touchy subject. I thought Ga In's outfit for the MAMA was gorgeous. It was that see through material, but I will say again this again, she kept it CLASSY. Of course some people thought other wise. Its really unfortunate that people are so off put with the Bloom concept that I feel they don't really give it a chance. I'm not going to go to far into that because "cultural differences" lala.

SISTAR's and Trouble Maker's performance did nothing for me. Sorry. >__< They looked nice, but that's a given. It was nice to see Hyun Seung again however. Smiling and cracking jokes.

Any who~ I shall introduce the new addictions to the family. Well, they have been here awhile, but I just thought of doing this now. >__<


*inserts troll face* CDs! CDS EVERYWHERE!

With this, I think I am going to start reviewing music here and there. I am no music scholar, but I love to discuss music. I'm going to start with these five and talk about other works from my favorite artists etc.

Wow. I sound really really sugary sweet. Sorry for that. It's even scaring me.

Speaking of miss A, check this out. They aren't my favorite kpop girl group for nothing

I would have loved for them to perform at MAMAs again this year, but hey this makes up for it.

Face Down Poem desu

Rose are red, violets are blue~

I'm still waiting on the Face Down full PV.

Tick Tock HNNNNG

*roars of applause*

Thank you. Thank you. You guys are too kind really.


Test test test

me testing things. Don't mind me~
I can't figure out this post pictures thing, so I'm trying it here. So frustrating and I don't handle being frustrated well. Today has been a gross day. bleh.

Hopefully these gifs will make me feel better.

Okay..... I can do it this way, but hand coding.....nope.
Screw it.....



like I never post in here.

It's like....I never know what to do here.

I mean.... I dont have any random thoughts worth posting. I don't write stories. I don't have any awesome gossip or news to share. I can't sub anything....yet. :3 I haven't been anywhere recently worth talking about. I don't have any rants.

It just....have no thoughts.

I suck at typing my thoughts out  though. I'm better at speaking out loud about them....when I'm alone. I have all these thoughts some days, but when I want to tell someone about them....I freeze and start to stutter.

This is why I dont speak much here at college. I always make a fool of myself when I try to talk. 

*sigh* I'm a really boring person. pfftttt.




will be my very first entry!
I have no idea what to do here, so bear with me.lol

The only thing on my mind right now is Arashi because I am watching one of their concerts. Well.... when isnt Arashi on my mind as of late. haha There is just something about them, you know? It could be their bond, their songs, their humor, their personalities, etc that hook me in. People see them as some other boy band, but now that I have gotten into them more......they seem like they are more then that to me now...... idk. but yeah. They are amazing live and I wish to see them live one day. (I just adore their fan interaction.) I heard tickets are pretty expensive and are hard to get though.


OKay yeah. I am going to close this up now. Its really bad and I dont want to make it worse. haha!

And before I go, I just have to say, I need to listen to COMA-CHI more. She is pretty good.
My poor wallet. haha.